Brilliant Dental Brooklyn


Brilliant Dental is an established dental office. They focus on thorough exams: checking the overall health of your teeth and gums, performing oral cancer exams, and taking x-rays when necessary.

Technology continues to advance and increase in complexity. However, Gramercy IT makes it simple as it is fully acquainted with the latest and most reliable computer hardware, networking, cloud computing, and data security technologies. We upgrade any hardware and IT products the practice may need.

For Brilliant Dental, they had originally started out using PC, but we had gone in and recreated the server, using Dentrix which in turn produces higher quality and function. Gramercy IT then went on to install VixWin, imaging software. VixWin yields crisp, clearly detailed images and can accelerate the digital radiology workflow in the practice. Dentrix has enabled a completely paperless office, superior clinical tools, can be integrated for easy use, allows for digital Imaging Integration.

Gramercy IT provides the necessary protection to prevent malicious attacks and virus from entering the network. We actively monitor and manage the network for new threats and provide rapid response and containment. We understand the value your business data holds and the importance of a successful data backup and recovery in the event of data loss.

Thus, we utilize virtual technology for Brilliant Dental for fault and security isolation at the hardware level, while being able to preserve performance with advanced resource controls. Gramercy IT educates and helps you beat ransomware. In addition, there is no downtime, no virus concern, with all around protection, monthly support in backup, performance monitoring and system improvement.


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The work of Gramercy IT has been of great value to my business.

Dr. John Sung, DDS
United Family Dentist,

I whole-heartedly recommend Gramercy IT.

John Doolan, DPM
Gramercy Park Podiatry & Midtown Podiatry,

Their IT network has easily kept pace with the center’s expansion.

Gramercy Surgery Center