Gramercy Park Podiatry


Gramercy Park Podiatry, a podiatry practice in the Gramercy Park neighborhood of Manhattan, had been growing steadily , and their computer network was under strain.

The sizes of the office’s Electronic Medical Record and Digital X-Ray image
databases had increased, their traditional peer-to-peer network could no longer meet the office’s growing computing needs, and the computer containing their databases had become unstable and crashed frequently..

Gramercy Information Technology conducted a free assessment of
Gramercy Park Podiatry’s current IT infrastructure and interviewed their doctors and staff to identify their particular IT needs. Gramercy IT then proposed problem-solving, cost-effective solutions and based on the business’s specific requirements.

Gramercy IT redesigned Gramercy Park Podiatry’s IT infrastructure to handle the office’s increased volume and growing requirements. We upgraded the office’s older peer-to-peer network to a Client/Server model, improving its stability and capacity. At the same time, we upgraded the network backbone speed from 100Mb/Sec to 1Gb/Sec (1000Mb/Sec) to allow for faster access and greater technological capability.

To allow Gramercy Park Podiatry’s doctors and staff to access their patients’ Electronic Medical Records from the necessary locations within the office, Gramercy IT installed PCs in each procedure room and at the front desk and connected them to the server via the improved network backbone connection. We also configured network printing to allow the sharing of centralized office printers.

Gramercy IT then backed up and transferred the Databases and crucial company files to the server and facilitated the transfer of sensitive third party software, protecting it all against viruses or security breach by implementing a highly effective and centrally managed security and antivirus program.

By implementing these solutions and upgrading to the appropriate network infrastructure, Gramercy Park Podiatry took the necessary steps to eliminate downtime and protect against threats to network and operational security. Gramercy IT was happy also to be able to help Dr Doolan increase productivity, patient satisfaction, and speed of service by saving them from unnecessary technical issues.

I know I need to update the technology in my offices and the consultants of Gramercy IT mapped out a plan for me that made sense, was cost effective, and allows me the opportunity to further grow in my business IT needs. I whole-heartedly recommend the services of Gramercy IT.


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The work of Gramercy IT has been of great value to my business.

Dr. John Sung, DDS
United Family Dentist,

I whole-heartedly recommend Gramercy IT.

John Doolan, DPM
Gramercy Park Podiatry & Midtown Podiatry,

Their IT network has easily kept pace with the center’s expansion.

Gramercy Surgery Center