USA Corporate Services Inc.


Founded in 1983, USA Corporate Services Inc. provides company formation and management services to lawyers, accountants and entrepreneurs from around the world.

USA Corporate Services Inc. has grown extensively in recent years, and they now required several new computers, data backup systems, operating system upgrades. Furthermore, their old server had been slowing down due to overload, and they would be requiring new hardware and professional transition services.

Gramercy Information Technology first met with USA Corporate Services Inc.’s management team and conducted a free evaluation of their business’s IT infrastructure. Gramercy IT then offered a comprehensive plan to address their specific needs and enable them to handle the IT demands of their growing business. Here’s what Gramercy IT was able to do for them.

Gramercy IT helped USA Corporate Services Inc. to select the right new hardware for their business, including several new PCs and a new, more powerful server. We were able to install these new components and migrate their business data with minimal disruption to their daily operations. Perhaps most importantly to USA Corporate services Inc., Gramercy IT was able to resolve USA Corporate Services Inc.’s IT needs without incurring the loss of management time or worker productivity.

For our latest round of IT upgrading, Gramercy IT was indispensable by helping us to select and install several new PCs, as well as setting up data backup systems and operating system upgrades. Their help saved us a fortune in lost management time and worker productivity with their fast, responsive service, and we heartily recommend their service. When our old server was slowing due to overload, Gramercy’s tech people quickly and flawlessly set up the new server and migrated our data into the new environment.


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The work of Gramercy IT has been of great value to my business.

Dr. John Sung, DDS
United Family Dentist,

I whole-heartedly recommend Gramercy IT.

John Doolan, DPM
Gramercy Park Podiatry & Midtown Podiatry,

Their IT network has easily kept pace with the center’s expansion.

Gramercy Surgery Center