New Dimension Dentistry


New Dimension Dentistry provides the best high quality dentistry in a caring and friendly environment. Their goal is for patients to have the best experience possible and to educate every patient and stress the importance of oral health. New Dimension Dentistry invests in the highest level of dental technology while making it affordable to all their patients. With the technology, they can swiftly diagnose patient conditions, reduce wait times, and provide clear visuals on the spot.

For New Dimension Dentistry, Gramercy IT mainly worked with inputting a server and implementing virtualization. Technology advancement has made traditional computers not the only for employees to work, and no longer are servers reserved to handle single applications. With the implementations Gramercy IT installed for New Dimension Dentistry, costs were reduced. With virtualization, benefits included snapshotting, failover migration, and resource aggregation. Such meant reduced hardware costs, better redundancy for systems, and an intelligent and dynamic approach to getting the most out of the resources from the machine and limited downtime and bottlenecking.


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The work of Gramercy IT has been of great value to my business.

Dr. John Sung, DDS
United Family Dentist,

I whole-heartedly recommend Gramercy IT.

John Doolan, DPM
Gramercy Park Podiatry & Midtown Podiatry,

Their IT network has easily kept pace with the center’s expansion.

Gramercy Surgery Center