Precision FootCare


Precision Footcare is a podiatry practice located between Lexington and Park Avenue led by the highly accredited foot and ankle surgeon, Dr. John Jurcisin. Specializing in bunion and hammertoe surgery, the practice has had over 9,573 foot and ankle surgeries performed. The ever growing practice had previously utilized an old EMR server, this had been the most basic. The EMR server had not only required skilled resources for implementation and support, it failed to redesign clinical process and workflow and underestimated the organizational capabilities and change management was then required.

This was when, Gramercy IT was asked to step in. For Precision Footcare, we had changed the basic server to a virtual server, Virtual Environment 2010. The installation process required a server hardware replacement, a change in the motherboard prior to the replacement. The virtual server environment helped the practice to consolidate servers while improving performance and capacity. Gramercy IT would then monitor the virtual machines in the farm as well as the virtualization servers to ensure that the health and performance levels met operational standards and the service level agreements that are in place. The installation would then also enable us to establish remedial actions to be executed in the case of poor performance or when pending hardware failures are identified in hardware, operating systems, or applications. It would simultaneously also enable the practice to obtain the current health and state of their virtual machines and get a real time view of CPU, memory, and storage consumption on the virtualization servers.


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The work of Gramercy IT has been of great value to my business.

Dr. John Sung, DDS
United Family Dentist,

I whole-heartedly recommend Gramercy IT.

John Doolan, DPM
Gramercy Park Podiatry & Midtown Podiatry,

Their IT network has easily kept pace with the center’s expansion.

Gramercy Surgery Center